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The EASIEST, most RELIABLE automatic bilge pump ever designed.

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Attwood is proud to introduce Sahara Mk2the ONLY automatic bilge pump that eliminates air locks. What makes Sahara Mk2 so innovative is the patented X-Air™ ImpellerIts engineered performance forces air bubbles trapped in the hose and underside of the pump out of the pipework, so that the pump will not run dry and burn out. This breakthrough technology makes Sahara Mk2 the most reliable automatic bilge pump in freshwater AND saltwater applications. 

Sahara Mk2 is the only automatic bilge pump that eliminates air-locks

Sahara Mk2 is the easiest automatic bilge pump to install and service

Sahara Mk2 is the most reliable automatic bilge pump in freshwater and saltwater applications

Key Features

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Sahara Mk2 2020 IBEX Innovation Award Winner
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